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Download Wiaflos Accounting

This package contains the accounting engine which supports SOAP, the SQL schema needed to setup the database and a command-line administrator interface.

Latest Release: Version 0.0.11

Alpha release. This release contains mostly bugfixes and support for tracked client GL transactions. Package currently has a working admin interface which can be used to add journal entries, inventory, suppliers, purchases (from suppliers), clients, invoicing (to clients), payments (to suppliers), receipts (from clients), statements (to clients), supplier credit notes and supplier receipts (receipt of cash against credit note). Not for the light of heart. For this reason best to use the "load file=xxx" functionality.

As this project is opensource and released under the GNU General Public License v2+, the sourcecode is freely available under that license.

There is a web interface to the Subversion repository to browse the sourcecode…

Information on checking out the sourcecode using Subversion can be found below, the repository name is "wiaflos".